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A friend asked me what words and phrases were used in the past week to find my website via search engines (mostly Google.)

So, just for SEO edification and to show you that I have my Keyword strategy down, here is what my blog activity looks like. As you might expect, some visits have turned into leads and some into assignments for my business development consultation.

If you are wondering what the term “Talking” is all about… go here.

Search Views
talking 87
peter levitan 43
zillow 21
advertising agency business plan 20
linkedin app 19
business plan for advertising agency 17
advertising agency business model 17
people talking 14
ad agency business plan 14
ad agencies on vine 10
business plan advertising agency 9
how to get new business in advertising 9
ad agency new business development 8
ad agency new business 7
ad agency business development 7
advertising agency new business plan 5
advertising agency business development 5
digital agency business plan 4
advertising agency new business development 4
new business development advertising agency 4
ad agency business development strategies 4
advertising agency it outsourcing 4
positioning advertising agency 4
marketing agency business plan 4
creative agency business plan 3
creative agency 3
how does an advertising agency market for new clients? 3
advertising agency pinterest 3
new advertising agency business model 3
business development plan advertising agency 3
peter a levitan 3
new business development strategies for advertising agencies 3
mobile advertising agency 3
software for advertising agency new business 3
is an advertising company a good business? 3
business development plan for an advertising agency 3
what companies outsource their advertising? 3
developing new ad agency sales 3
somersby cider 3
advertising agency new business 3
541-419-2309 3
best social media agency 3
business development in advertising agencies 3
agency positioning 3
steve klinetobe portland 3
ad agencies on pinterest 2
advertising agencies app developers 2
agencies like wexley school for girls 2
design agency business plan 2 2
business development for advertising agencies 2
advertising and design agency business plans 2
how to build an advertising agency 2
talk image 2
business plan digital agancy 2
talking people 2
babyboom generation 2
how to do a sales business plan for digital advertising agency 2
digital agency business plan template 2
somersby apple 2
nissan vine commercial 2
how to get more business in advertising 2
advertising agency importance to business 2
isuzu sex 2
elements of advertising 2
advertising agencies business plan 2
pinterest for advertising agencies 2
billionaires in ad agency 2
some business model for advertising agency 2
booz allen hamilton leagas delaney 2
agencies new business consultants 2
vine as an advertising tool 2
ad agencies on instagram 2
widelux 2
how to build an advertising agency client list 2
advertising agency business plans 2
building the new ad agency 2
marketing agency for zillow 2
talk 2
ad agency vines 2
new business development for advertising agencies 2
average savings for age 55-64 is $65,000 2
business plan digital agency

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