HubSpot, Inbound Marketing & Pinterest

Only a small fraction of advertising agencies have taped into the power of Pinterest marketing to increase the reach of their business development efforts. More should. To help the advertising world (magnanimous, yes?) I’ve written about the power of Pinterest as an advertising agency business development tool in the past.

HubSpot & Inbound Marketing & Pinterest

HubSpot  hubspot  on PinterestI was on the HubSpot site today looking for a blog post (Three Ways Foundering Agencies Find Growth) from Agency Post’s Jami Oetting that quoted me – I’ve been getting traffic off the mention –  and I stumbled on HubSpot’s Pinterest site. Its a big deep one. The HubSpot folks, who are clearly dedicated to the power of inbound marketing, do an excellent job of using Pinterest for the distribution of information and as a branding device. I suggest that you take a look at how they are using the site to support their business development program.

The fast, easy to use, visual nature of the site really helps to search for and find some of the tons of social media content that the HubSpot team produces. I think that Pinterest makes it much easier to find what you are looking for and also helps to stumble on the unexpected. Here are some of my favorites:

WonderfulWebinars (especially those of Dan Zarrella and Rand Fishkin)

Marketing Data

Promotion for their INBOUND Conference (including a promotional video that includes Cyndi Lauper)

And…. a review of some smart marketing campaigns (some great charts that you could steal)

The use of Pinterest for business is booming. There are some good ideas here. If your at all flummoxed about Pinterest, give me a shout. Note: This is my Pinterest-based advertising agency directory — are you in it?

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