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download grammHere is a weekly report from grammarly – my special content writing and editing friend. I love it.

grammarly automatically spell checks, corrects typos and grammar and reports weekly on my writing activity. I use it daily and automatically. It makes me a much beeetter speller and writer, blogger and human being. Now, I nevvver make any mistarkes. 🙂

Last week’s content rocked – I decided that I needed to put out some large word count missives to help Google love me long-time. As grammarly says…

9828words written
You were more active than 93% of Grammarly users.

Yeah baby, I was in the top 7%.

Here is how grammerly describes themselves:

Check your grammar right from your browser or Microsoft Office. Improve your writing in emails, documents, social media posts, messages, and more.

Here is my weekly report.

Grammarly Write a New Text →
June 15 — June 21
Your Weekly Writing Update
“Child, to say the very thing you really mean, the whole of it, nothing more or less or other than what you really mean; that’s the whole art and joy of words.” —C.S. Lewis

9828words written
You were more active
than 93% of Grammarly users.

180mistakes made
You were more accurate
than 68% of Grammarly users.

910unique words used
Your vocabulary was more dynamic than 89% of Grammarly users.
Grammarly Premium found
152 additional advanced mistakes.
Upgrade to Fix Advanced Mistakes

Here is the only word you overused in your writing last week.

Tip: You’ll notice a few suggested synonyms (in blue) that you can try next time to keep your writing fresh.

bureau firm business menas auspices

–> Go here and say… to get the browser extension… I want my grammarly.

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