Update: Goodby Silverstein & Partners And Coming Soon

See the RED copy below for the update from Goodby. Funny!

I am finishing “Good, Bad & Ugly”, a presentation on advertising agency websites for the 4A’s. I’ve got a couple of bads and will write about them soon. But, I need to share this BAD with you right now.

It’s hard for me to believe that a few advertising and digital agencies have Coming Soon home pages. Coming Soon…?! How can they fuckin do this? It is really insane and lame. What poor brand imaging. Does it mean that they couldn’t come up with a real creative solution or even some patience as they build their new website?

So, are there any famous agencies doing this? How about Goodby Silverstein & Partners?

Get this… their current site is Coming Soon and so was their 2003 version. I call them the king of Coming Sooners. Here are the home pages. First the 2003 version and then today’s (as of 4.19.13)

Goodby  Silverstein   Partners old 1983 1
Goodby Silverstein   Partners   Full Service Integrated Ad Agency













September 2013 Update… The new Goodby Silverstein website lives. I know this because they sent me an email with this message: “we came.”



Goodby Silverstein   Partners   Full Service Integrated Ad Agency





Now all you have to do is check out this blog post… 13 Free Big Data Tools For Advertising Agency New Business.


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