Do You Me-Me When Selling Your Advertising Agency?


images (1) me meI’ve been told my entire advertising and marketing career that talking about ME and not my business prospect in a sales situation will lead to failure. I’ve had this confirmed over the past couple of years in my conversations with advertising agencies, clients and advertising agency search consultants. Here are three quotes from agency search consultants from my book, “The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches.” The point being…

Shut up and listen.

“Ten minutes of agency droning on about anything other than the client’s business feels like an eternity to the client. Get to points quickly, connect everything back to client’s business, and get the client talking too.” (Laura Bajkowski)

“Top pitching tip: Agencies need to prove to their prospects that they believe in their mission, vision, and beliefs, not just in the product they’re selling. How? By LISTENING! Listening is a lost art. (Lisa Colantuono)

“Virtually every agency goes on for far too long about itself and its team. Cut to the chase. Talk about how the brief has been solved, and get to the answer quickly.” (Paul Bainsfair.)

A Cartoon and A Video

I have 12 cartoons about what NOT to do in the book. here is my ‘Me-Me’ cartoon.

me me mistake copy jpeg







Next, a short video of Author Neil Rackham speaking about his famous Spin Selling techniques – and talking too much. Especially overly verbose entrepreneurs – who are knda like ad agency leaders.

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