How Do Clients Choose An Advertising Agency?

How Do Clients Choose An Advertising Agency?

choiceAh, let me count the ways clients decide which advertising agency to contact when they need to dial up their marketing. But, let’s just keep this blog post real simple. They choose them based on what they do.

The “Data” Agency.

I am going to Miami next week to do an all-day workshop on business development pitching (plus agency sales in general and negotiating) for a large data marketing firm. While prepping for a discussion on how to sound unique, I took a look at how many of the top data oriented agencies talk about themselves. So, just to demonstrate what I call sameness vs. distinction, I offer their descriptions. These come from their websites. I’ve kept their names off to protect the innocent.

Note: I know that it is very difficult to find the words that deliver distinction when you need to start with a very clear definition of what you do. However, I think the following, at least, demonstrates that an advertising agency has to think hard about their words.

But, you know this. Therefore, this is just food for thought. I suggest that you take a hard look at your own descriptive words vs. your direct competitors. Since most clients are making a high percentage of their decisions about your agency before they ever call you (an understatement), this is a rather smart analysis that I recommend you do every six months given the speed of change.

The Agencies…

ABC. Make lifetime connections with the industry’s most advanced data-driven marketing.

DEF is a premier digital data analytics firm that works with the world’s leading brands to create, implement and action advanced analytics. 

GHI. We use data, technology, intuition and creativity to connect people to brands in a meaningful way.

JKL. We’re a data-driven marketing agency. We build individual relationships at scale using sophisticated data platforms and the same technologies that are disrupting the media environment.

MNO is a technology and services company that provides the data foundation for the world’s best marketers.

PQR is a global data-driven, technology-enabled performance-marketing agency.

STU is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world.

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  1. Client choose a the good advertising agency. It is best to have a good example to show to ensure that they will have their money worth and you can gain their trust.

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