The Biggest Content Marketing Secret

And Ladies and Gentlemen…. The Biggest Content Marketing Secret

images secretReady, set, go. Shh… Here is the big content marketing secret to delivering brilliant insights, mucho content and a simple way of making you look real smart.

Creating relevant content every week is a bitch for small and medium sized advertising, digital, PR and whateva agencies. The hard part isn’t ‘relevant’, the hard part is doing it consistently.

The Secret

Interview the right, smart, eloquent people that can riff on tight subjets for 15 to 60 minutes. OK, 60 is too much cause you’ll have to edit it.

Do the interview on the telephone, via text-based questions or on Skype (or other Internet conversation platforms). Record the calls. Then, head over to Rev and have them transcribe the audio – overnight.

Easy, right? Yup!

I’ve done dozens of interviews for this blog, for my book (see above) and in guest posts.

Google loves SEO optimized content. Interviews rock.

Then… Amplify It

Every insight / AHA! blog or whatever post must be amplified via one or more of the following (I amplify everything.) I use the Rule of Five – amplify everything at least five ways. Here are some ideas.:

  • On your site in a very simple resources page or blog
  • To your current and past clients
  • To your lists as part of your email newsletter
  • In white papers
  • On LinkedIn to your ‘growing’ Followers
  • To your Facebook Followers
  • On Twitter (yes, it still works and can be used for targeting your competitor’s followers)
  • SlideShare (an underused platform)
  • Commenting (presence on LinkedIn Groups and big blogs)
  • Guest posting (seriously borrowed reach)
  • Your zine
  • And, on…

Need content (and who doesn’t?) Go forth and interview people.

Oh, I get interviewed too.

Here from Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels Of Separation (a master interview website /podcast):

SPOS #569 – The Relevance Of Marketing Agencies With Peter Levitan

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