An August YouTube Quickie

A YouTube Quickie? No, This Isn’t That Sexy. But…

The Usual   Visual storytellers  cultural mappers  surf and outdoor enthusiasts  lovers of newsprint.And, yes, this post is kinda random. I’m just hanging out at my desk wondering if I want to work today. We are day something like 60 for mostly rain-free Portland Oregon. Crazy summer out here! It helps that we are America’s beer capital.

A friend turned me on to this video from YouTube Advertisers: Go Behind The Scenes with David Droga and Emily Anderson. Nice idea to get us thinking about how YouTube advertising isn’t same old same old TV. But, you know that so it’s unfortunate that this video tidbit doesn’t deliver any decent info or inspiration (sorry, David but TV pre-YouTube wasn’t a cul-de-sac for real creative folks. My late 80’s Saatchi teams won sweet awards for two broadcast clients that went way beyond your reference to Formula 1. Pleaaaase… the good old days were actually good and demanded the type of thinking you do today. Thinking big not start in 2005 when YouTube was born.)

But, the video did introduce me to Ogilvy’s Emily Anderson, which makes it all worth while. Watch the video and then read on.

Emily Anderson

Droga we know. Anderson? So, I dug in a bit and found a Creative Director who could have a super dream job of creating high-budget long-form content. And, the work and energy is damn good. Check out her CV website below.

After the work and personal energy, the thing I most dug is her URL:   The English are much more cheeky than we are. They are also not afraid to promote themselves. If you are a genius, tell your clients. Droga and Anderson do that. Trump does that. Just like the American electorate, clients are a bit short of time and need to have YOU tell them that you are a genius. Just tell them that – they want to hear it. Yes, I am a genius too.

Last thought:

It’s summer so go visit Emily’s Montauk.  Note, you won’t have to screw around with combat L.I.E. traffic to get there.

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