Advertising Clients Want More Digital And Social Media: Surprised?

What Do Advertising Clients Want? No Surprise… Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Advertising / design / digital / social and PR agencies need to spend more time thinking through what the world of 2015 clients say they want. Here are some of the findings from Ciceron’s nice infographic — CMO’s 2015 Digital Priorities.

  • CMO’s say that they will increase their digital marketing budgets by 10.8%
  • Social media will represent 21.4% of total marketing spend in the next 5 years.
  • 95% really dig content marketing.
  • Analytical skills will grow in importance.
  • 87% say that social media is the most engaging. However, CMO’s say that social media is often poorly integrated into overall marketing programs.

What should your agency takeaway from this? I’d sure offer….

More digital. But, consider how you are going to express this. Today “all agencies” offer digital. Just saying “digital” is no longer enough.

More social. This is another area where you will need to find a way to look and sound like you have a secret sauce that the agencies down the street don’t have or can’t express.

More tracking / analytical skills. Clients need help in determining what platforms and program deliver results. If you can deliver on this need, you are golden.

Strategy. All of the above will come from sound strategic thinking. As usual, strategy rules.

The CMO’s 2015 Digital Priorities  Infographic    Social Media Today


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