An Advertising Agency Website That Actually Brands

Most, like most, advertising agency websites do not do a very good job of branding. Ooops, an understatement. They kinda look alike. or, at least fit into a standard set of design styles (peruse this visual agency directory.)

Lets face it, leading with client work, which makes a great deal of sense, doesn’t really brand an agency. Like its nice to know who did the Samsung work but branding? No. That’s why 72andSunny’s website could work for Goodby Silverstein & Partners and vice versa.

JWALK has an agency website that brands the agency within 2 seconds of your visit. Jay Walk… get it?


I think that JWALK could do a better job of explaining what they do (see their About copy below.) But, there is no question that I am in JWALK land when I am on their website.

JWALK makes brands culturally relevant through storytelling with intent.

As an agency of creatives, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs, influencers and inventors, we understand what it takes to build businesses. Our job is to make your brand part of culture, loved by your consumers and envied by the competition.

The customer journey has evolved from the traditional awareness-to-purchase funnel to today’s fragmented shopping experience. Storytelling is the only common thread that binds the brand together, and drives consumer engagement.

(They do a better job within the limitations of their Twitter profile):

“@jawalk JWALK is an award winning agency that believes the only way to build a brand is through immersive storytelling.”

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