A Marketing Email Program With Personality

Yup, Your Email Program Can Have Personality

Boring is bad. Personality is good.

Me-Too is bad. Different is good.

Getting unsubscribed sucks.

How many marketing or information emails do you get? I get a lot. To be clear, I am talking about both direct marketing emails (the unsolicited kind) and email newsletters that I have subscribed to. In both cases, I am a hell of a lot more interested if the email has some personality. Most don’t. Which brings me to The Hustle.

Hustle On Brothers and Sisters

Below is the copy from a ‘Thank You For Subscribing” email that I got from the HUSTLE. As the Hustlers say:

Your smart, good looking friend that sends you an email each morning with all the tech and business news you need to know for the day.

I urge you to go through the entire sign up process (don’t worry, it is easy.)


Want More Of Not Boring?

the HUSTLE doesn’t stop at just sending you your daily email. They want you to refer friends.  Below, again, is what their website page looks like after you’ve subscribed. The copy is below the image.

A question, do you add a refer your friends to your agency emails? You should.

OK, before I leave you, my point is that even a simple email system can have personality.

Be not bland my friends.

The website referral page copy:

I used to read the news, but let’s be honest: that crap is dry and you only read it because you feel kinda like you should if you want to be a “good” adult. If you want a quick, blah-blah-blah sounding scoop on big world news today, your robot pal Alexa or the New York Times app can do that for you in a jiffy. But for a daily news email that’s funnier, punnier, less political, more relevant, and 200% guaranteed to make you sound more interesting at dinner parties and/or during Tinder dates, you HAVE to get on board with The Hustle. Like, now. Sign up today and tell me I’m right tomorrow.



  1. You are awesome. Loved your suggested comments, so creative

  2. M. Glad you like it. I am a big fan of not-boring.

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