A Critical Ad Agency New Business Mistake

MistakenThrough my agency consultancy, I have been able to look under the hood of lots of advertising, digital and video agencies. One of the most apparent mistakes that some, not all, just some, are making is to not step back and take a hard look at their current assets.

Here’s one mistake.

Online and mobile video marketing is booming. By now we should all know the power of YouTube as a business development tool (well, maybe I should write about this more) and the astonishing growth of video marketing across all of our screens – especially on mobile devices. With all of this activity and daily press, I cannot understand why advertising agencies are not using video marketing in greater numbers as a business development tool. Agency clients are looking for video solutions but most agencies are not leading with their video skill set.

The mistake isn’t that the agencies aren’t using video. The BIG mistake is that they are perfectly positioned to produce quality video but don’t. Huh? Well, if you are a full-service agency then you know how to make videos because you have been producing commercials, and telling short-form stories, for eons. Yet, most of these TV savvy agencies haven’t used video to tell their agency stories on their websites, build compelling YouTube channels, emailed out videos or used new tools like Vine. This is a crazy and a serious missed opportunity.

Here is just one video factoid: Forrester Research reported…

85% of people choose to watch a video about a company online rather than read the rest of the website.

Here is a great example of how to promote your agency using video from London Advertising. Note that their video is up front and way center. It’s the first thing that London wants you to see. It is one of the agency’s primary new business tools.

There is more on online video and that some agencies get it right here.

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