What Social Media Content Gets Shared?

I Like Being Shared (Even My Wife Doesn’t Mind)

New Data  What Types of Content Perform Best on Social MediaWell, to be more precise, she doesn’t mind what ‘Levitan content’ gets shared.

“Social Popularity By Content Type”, thanks to HubSpot, is an infographic worth a five minute ingestion and the learning should be applied to your social media plan. I am doing just that right here. 

In many aspects of life, timing is key. If you’ve got to schedule a very important meeting, and all of the attendees aren’t morning people, scheduling an 8 a.m. start time probably won’t result in a productive meeting. Or maybe you want to book a cheap vacation — you probably want to avoid scheduling one during the holidays.

The same is true with content creation and social media. If you want your content to do well on social media, you’ve got to be strategic about what you publish and when you publish it. To figure out how and when to publish content to have a big social media splash, Fractl recently partnered with Buzzstream to analyze 220,000 articles from 11 verticals published during June 2014 to November 2014.

What gets shared a lot?

Posts like this one. As the article says: “Why Posts typically provide readers with a reason or purpose and provide details that support a focused conclusion.” This post itself is a Why Post so please share it…




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