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paula_DeanThere is a link to my first Storify story on Paula Dean a bit further down. I created this magnificent piece of totally compelling can’t-miss viral content in about 30 seconds using Storify. Considering how important, and occasionally painful, content creation is, building stories in 30 seconds is a rather good thing.

What is Storify? Let’s ask the Wiki…

“Storify is a social network service that lets the user create stories or timelines using social such as Twitter, facebook and Instagram. Storify was launched in September 2010, and has been open to the public since April 2011.

Users search through multiple social networks from one place, and then drag individual elements into stories. Users can re-order the elements and also add text to help give context to the readers.

Media organizations have used Storify in coverage of ongoing news stories such as elections and meetings and events. recommended using Storify for covering social movements, breaking news, internet humor and memes, reactions and conversations, and extreme weather.  CBC used Storify to cover the 2011 London Riots and Al Jazzera has a show called “The Stream” that collects perspectives on news stories using Storify.”

The Paula Dean Story

I am showing the  URL for my SEO sensitive friends. … its all about Paula Dean (nice use of video, frying kinda crackles.)

My 2nd and 3rd stories are all about the impending Vine vs. Instagram video war. I even manage to get “Hugh Hefner” in one of the stories ….  (Interestingly, this was immediately re-tweeted by the Playboy Centerfold – you’ll figure out which one she is.)

My Storify profile page For Vine vs. Instagram story …

Top 10 Instagram vs. Vine Reactions  with tweets  · PeterLevitan · Storify


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