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10 New Year’s Resolutions For Advertising Agencies

New Year’s resolutions work. Well, at least some do. The bottom line: at least give them a chance. Here are ten 2014 resolutions for advertising agencies that I think your agency should make. I mean… really do if you want to grow your advertising agency and your bottom line. 1. We will strive to create […]

Storify = Instant Content Creation For Ad Agencies

There is a link to my first Storify story on Paula Dean a bit further down. I created this magnificent piece of totally compelling can’t-miss viral content in about 30 seconds using Storify. Considering how important, and occasionally painful, content creation is, building stories in 30 seconds is a rather good thing. What is Storify? Let’s ask the Wiki… “Storify is a social network service […]

8 Vine Ideas For Ad Agency New Business

I’ve written about the opportunity for an ad, digital or PR agency to leverage the growing awareness and use of Twitter’s Vine, its short-form (as in 6 seconds) video service that runs on iOS and Android, as a new business tool. I suggested that there has to be an ad agency out there that sees […]

The Six Second Advertising Agency C/O Vine

Advertising agencies ask…. “How can we look / sound / act different that the other 4,000 agencies?” Well, why not become the “Six Second Agency”? Business Insider reports that “Nissan Says A 6-Second Vine Might Have Been Better Than Its 30-Second Commercial” Would certain commercials be better if they were condensed into 6-second Vine videos? In October 2012, Nissan […]

5 Brands With Vine Potential (And, Where Are The Ad Agencies?)

I’ve been surprised at how few advertising agencies use Twitter’s Vine for agency promotion. What gives? It fits in well… ad guys have smart phones, have ADD which works for Vine’s 6 second videos and the ECD’s all want to be movie directors. While a lot of brands have Vine accounts, a relatively small percentage […]