Show And Tell Works

I Use Show And Tell To Massage Brains

OK, what the hell does Show and Tell mean?

One of the sections of the customized marketing & sales plan that I write for my clients includes a look at a range of agencies based on their positioning and sales proposition. I call these agencies Benchmark Agencies and by pointing them out, I deliver real-world teachable moments. These show and tell examples help agency leader brains to digest my main points. Plus, ad agencies love looking at other ad agencies.


Here is the lead-in to the show and tell section from one of my agency recommendation documents…


Benchmark Agencies

I view these agencies as being worthy of benchmarking based on Agency X’s (as in my agency client) business development objectives. In my estimation, these agencies have broken out from the competitive pack.

They deliver messaging that is: well targeted, succinct and competitive.

 Because of this, they help clients to quickly recognize their expertise and value. A clear enunciation of value is critical at the early stages of a hoped-for relationship. This helps them stand out and then break out.

For the sake of clarity, I’ve put these benchmark agencies into three buckets: ‘what we do’, ‘how we do it’ and ‘who we do it for’ to illustrate the strength of their individual positioning strategy.

Show and tell works because I frame my recommendations in the real world. The benchmark agencies are proof that smart, crystal clear, focused agency positions, plus supporting marketing programs, work harder than trying to be everything to any client that raises their hand. I know you know this.


But, my biggest point is that a focused positioning, actually a distinctive + competitive sales proposition, will get both more client hands and the right client hands to rise up and contact you.

Give me a shout and I’ll share a couple of my favorite benchmark agencies with you.

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