New Reviews For The Levitan Pitch

Wow, Nice Reviews Are Coming In

TheLevitanPitch_COVER_SmallHere are some early reviews of The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. that are up on Amazon. Very cool to read. Well, for me that is!

No, I don’t know all of these people.

Russ Stoddard: 

You get it all in this book. Peter Levitan presents insights gleaned from global pitches for multi-national brands all the way down to the local and regional level. Hey, some aspects of pitching transcend client size. With the significant funds you invest in pitching, how can you not afford to make a small investment in a resource like this? It’s a gem.

Jerome Seljan:

I found this an invaluable handbook for a small business operator who handles all his marketing. I owned & operated a restaurant & jazz club for 25 years. This book would have greatly aided my strategy in marketing my business. The book is clear & concise & gets right to the point.

Big Jim:

Peter is a great man. I heard that he once pitched someone so hard that died…and the was resurrected…then bought. It was amazing. I have been following him for a while now and already this book is having a positive impact. If you want to cut through all of the “quick fix” crap out there, this is the book for you.

Gregg Berger: 

I am an ad guy and I’ve been reading Levitan’s blog for a long time, and I was waiting for this book (he likes to self-promote). It is everything that I anticipated it might be based on his experience and attitude. It has real life pitch insights, funny (with cartoons that show us how foolish we are) and even crazy pitch stories. Bottom line: it’s got good solid advice for anyone who may be trying to win new business, whether they are in advertising or not. He interviews many experts in the field and their input adds real value to this book. I was surprised at how often the same presentation mistakes kept showing up again and again. I learned something from this book, and I’ll bet that you do too. My only fear is that other agencies are going to read it.

Rick Mitchell: 

I’d say that this is a valuable publication, not only for present advertising professionals, but additionally for emerging marketers, sales professionals, or students studying the Ad business. This is empirical knowledge, that will accelerate any marketers skill sets, and also give seasoned professionals numerous compelling points of reference to reconsider.

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