Marketing Technology LUMAscape = Insane

The Insane Marketing Technology LUMAscape

I’m laughing a bit. Clarity is not exactly what I get from this Marketing Technology LUMAscape chart. Clearly, LUMAscape provides a great organized overview. However, the marketing tech landscape is insane – especially when shown in aggregate.

Insane due to its complexity, competing platforms, the time that is required for any ad agency to drill down into the information, etc. For me, the chart makes charting the path through this ever growing marketing technology universe daunting – and time-consuming and expensive (for the agency and its clients).

But. But. Clients are shifting dollars to marketing technology. And, while this ad zone is complex, your agency better be applying some gray matter and resources to this area. Here’s some research proof about the shifting landscape.

LUMAscape Gets It Right

LUMAscapes are an excellent example of smart, compelling content marketing.

Here is how LUMAcape describes itself:

LUMAscapes are some of the industry’s most widely referenced resources. They organize the ecosystem across all critical categories and provide clarity to a complex digital media and marketing landscape.

Want even more organized and sharable complexity?

Head over to see mobile, display, video, content and sales tech LUMAscapes. Yikes!

A note to advertising agencies.

Consider acting like LUMAscape.

LUMAscape probably hired a bunch of intern-types to create a list for each subject group and then a more senior person edited and ranked and then handed it all to a junior designer and — Voila, LUMAscape has a great sales tool that gets distributed by people like me. Couldn’t you create some on-going, easy to produce yet valuable insights that can be reproduced and distributed? This kinda stuff can get your agency noticed.



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  1. Hi Peter, this is really insane to see such huge list. This would take a lot of time if an agency do it itself. Thanks for sharing this.

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