How To Make Big Money After Advertising

The Truth About ‘After Advertising’

sidebar-hello-newThere are actually people making a very good living after leaving advertising. Yes, I know this is hard to imagine. LOL.

Want more? Many are doing this while sitting under a palapa drinking margaritas as the money hits their bank accounts. These folks are smart enough to know how to use their MacBook Pro to leverage the power of online business to grow their very own cool lifestyle. They are not working for the man (and I mean guys like Sir Martin Sorell.)

I realize that this can sound like a pipe dream. One of those ‘I wish’ kinda thinking. But, I know from personal experience that it can happen.

 Friday Is Coming / Time For A Food Truck?

So, this Friday when you are sitting at your desk  wondering if there is a better way than writing dog biscotti ads, I want you to visit Smart Passive Income and hear how Pat Flynn does exactly what I’m talking about. Ok, Pat isn’t doing all of this from under a palapa. But, he will tell you how you can. The  link goes directly to Pat’s income reports. He is 100% transparent about his business — another thing to like him for. Read Pat’s blog and you will see why I mention food trucks.

“How Pat Flynn Made His First $3 Million In Passive Income”

If you need a head start, read Pat’s sweet story in this Forbes interview.



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