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Write Your Advertising Agency Book

My Books Make Me Happy This post was generated by my smiling at Powell’s Books. See why below. I’ve written two books. Both are self-published on Amazon as a book-book and eBook. The first, Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide was my training-wheels book. It is about using suicide as a financial planning tool (OK, and a deep […]

How To Make Big Money After Advertising

The Truth About ‘After Advertising’ There are actually people making a very good living after leaving advertising. Yes, I know this is hard to imagine. LOL. Want more? Many are doing this while sitting under a palapa drinking margaritas as the money hits their bank accounts. These folks are smart enough to know how to use […]

Ad Agency People: Get The Hell Out Of Town

Can Ad Agency People Get The Hell Out Of Town? I’ve been thinking about living and working in a foreign country. I am not alone. It might be a life stage for me (I sold my ad agency a couple of years ago and do not have to live in any specific locale — although […]

Boomercide aka Suicide

Boomercide The Book And Robin Williams Within hours of Robin William’s suicide, I had some incoming email from marketing friends that suggested that I should use the press attention to promote my 2012 book Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide. While this idea might have made sense from the very pure marketing perspective of leveraging the […]

Where Am I?

Look, if you have your act together, you will eventually sell your advertising or design agency and get to work from San Miguel de Allende (I just had drinks from this bar.) Dig? This is not an impossible dream, it just takes some planning. Don’t be a me-too agency. Me-too has no value. Zip. So, […]