Giving to win: Strategic Philanthropy and Advertising Agency Smiles

Strategic Philanthropy

Way back in 2013, I wrote about advertising agencies and philanthropy. I haven’t changed my mind… Intelligent giving, or better, strategic philanthropy, is a smart move for you and your clients. I urge you to read my earlier post.

Since its the holiday season, I thought that your agency might want to consider giving to one or more charities rather than spend on gifts that, frankly, your client does not want or need.

I am sending you to an L2 video conversation with Scott Harrison, the brilliant CEO of Charity: Water. Charity: Water (great branding by the way) has raised over $27,000,000 over the last 11 years to fund water projects in 24 countries. But… before I get to the video, here is what I said to you in 2013 (bottom line: giving is good for  business (!!!) as well as one’s soul):

The great majority of advertising agencies have one or more nonprofit clients. It is a wonderfully symbiotic relationship. The nonprofits get high-level creative and the agencies get to feel good, look good to their communities and, most importantly, provide important services to charities.

This charitable work is also good for the agency’s new business program. If done correctly, the nonprofit relationship is strategic. One agency that gets it is Portland’s Grady Britton. You can read about their multi-year program in my article, “An Agency That Does Good” on the Agency Post.

I’ve felt so strongly about the symbiotic aspect of charitable work that I’ve always recommended a strategic approach to my clients. Below is how I’ve represented this concept. If you agree with me, please pass this on to your clients. At a time of reduced government spending, it is important that agencies play a more assertive role in selling the benefits of Strategic Philanthropy.

OK, The L2 Charity: Water Video:

Big thanks to Scott Galloway, too. One more point, there is no reason your agency can’t make videos as compelling as L2’s.

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