eMarketer and Digital Advertising Growth

eMarketer and Digital Advertising Growth

download-eDouglas Clarke, eMarketer’s PR Manager – North America (dclark@emarketer.comshared some information on the digital advertising market ahead of the large Advertising Week conference.

US Advertising Revenue

  • In 2016, total media ad spending will reach $195.76 billion, an increase of 6.9% over last year.  
  • This year in the US, digital ad spending will reach $72.09 billion, a jump of 20.5% over last year.  
  • Digital will represent 36.8% of total media spending in the US.
  • Mobile internet ad spending in the US will grow 45.3% this year to $45.66 billion.  
  • Mobile represents an increasing share of total digital ad spending – this year growing to 63.3%.
  • US display ad spending will grow 28.4% this year to $34.56 billion.
  • US search ad spending will grow 15.4% this year to $33.28 billion.
  • Digital video ad spending will reach $10.30 billion this year, a jump of 34.1% over last year.
  • TV ad spending will grow 3.5% this year to $71.29 billion.
  • Social network ad spending in the US will grow 41.3% this year to $15.36 billion. It will represent 21.3% of total digital ad spending.

These growth numbers (!!!) are rather aggressive. Or, let’s face it, if you are in the advertising / digital industry — they are very impressive. If I still owned my agency I’d sure be going strong into mobile and video desktop and its relationship to Social and SEO. 

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