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Making A Switch

This Blog is going to migrate to a new subject: How communications marketing agencies (think ad, PR, digital and graphic design) can grow and prosper. Stay tuned.

Switzerland, Australia, Norway, Sweden — Not The USA

In “The lottery of life. Where to be born in 2013”, The Economist tells us what are the best countries to born in today. Switzerland is #1 and Australia is #2. USA is only #16. You will have to take a look at the criteria to find out why. But, I’ll go with any countries in the […]

Grandma Can’t Kill Herself In Massachusetts

Well, I guess that I am not surprised that the citizens of Massachusetts voted 51 to 49% to kill the assisted suicide measure. Death With Dignity, the group that supported the measure, was outspent 5 to 1 by the opposition. But it was very close and I’d imagine that it will be back on the ballot soon. […]

Increase Seen in U.S. Suicide Rate Since Recession

A new report from The Lancet found that a rise of 1 percent in unemployment is accompanied by an increase in the suicide rate of roughly 1 percent. Really no surprise here since recession pain can cause recession depression. That said, there has been very little reporting on this issue which has been clear to suicideologists. In the report, which […]