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Why Do Doctors Want You To Live In Pain? Why Is Physician Assisted Suicide Illegal?

Massachusetts voters get to choose if they will allow their fellow citizens to control their lives on Tuesday by voting on a bill  to decide whether to legalize physician-assisted suicide. The proposed measure allows terminally ill patients to be given access to lethal drugs. A terminally ill patient is defined as someone with six months or […]

Looks Like 40% Will Never Retire

The recent study, “Working in Retirement”,  from  the Society of Actuaries says that a third of adults do not expect to retire. A third is a lot. There are 76 million Baby Boomers… 1/3 = 25 million folks that will be hanging around. This number is up 29% from two yeas ago and the increase […]

How To Get Your Book On The Shelf Of America’s Largest Bookstore In 15 Minutes

The move from CD’s to digital music downloads; newspapers to online papers; cameras to smart phones; bricks & mortar colleges to online EDU; Best Buy to online book stores, etc. has been amazing to watch. Of course, Amazon has been a leader in this space and I am using them to publish my eBook (which […]

Did We Screw It For The 30 Year Olds?

When I started writing Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide, I didn’t really think beyond my own retirement fears. As I dug into the retirement savings deficit issue, I realized that I was just one of millions, make that ten’s of millions, that did not think that they had saved enough. Of course, being, well, realistic, […]

Where Can You Afford To Live? Global Cost Of Living.

I was in New York recently. My NYC crew talks about how much things cost. I think its a big city thing. Jane’s one-bedroom in Long Island City is $1,750 a month (a deal, I think); Megan’s family’s apartment on Madison Avenue and 61st Street is in the millions; Brooklyn has gone from early gentrifiers […]