Yearly Archives: 2012

Best Places To Retire (Really?)

“Best Places to Retire” is one of those standard go-to magazine and website articles designed to capture the dreams of Baby Boomers. I get it. They  usually include a mix of criteria like cost-of-living; climate; the economy; health care; recreation and occasionally culture. Me? I need culture. I need intellectual stimulation not another discussion about […]

Will You Be One Of America’s New Authors? One of 200 Million.

I am busy publishing my book as an eBook in Amazon’s KDP program and as a print-on-demand paperback using its CreateSpace platform. Down to the final details. As part of the launch, I have written a 5,000 word white paper on my publishing process to help other fledgling authors give birth to their first book. […]

The American Retirement Savings Deficit Meets China

A central theme in “Boomercide” is our retirement savings deficit. According to Retirement USA, the difference between what Americans will need for retirement and what they have actually saved is $6.6 trillion. The Employee Benefit Research Institute reports on the average retirement savings of various age groups. The current figures are scary: Workers ages 45-54 […]

College Costs Gone Wild!

No question, one of the more wonderful shared Baby Boomer experiences has been paying for college education. I have two kids and they went to private four-year colleges. Cost? Tuition + food + housing + allowance = (?) lets say $450,000. Whenever I mention this to other parents, I get those wonderful all-knowing shared twisted […]