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Pitch Pain (As In Ad Agency Screw Ups)

The advertising pitch column Pitch Pain launched today on the Agency Post blog. Pitch Pain provides a platform for the advertising industry, clients and search consults to tell their favorite good and bad pitch stories. The goal is to help all of us advance the efficiency of the pitch process while being entertained by our often […]

12 Stupid Advertising Agency Presentation Mistakes

These cartoons from my new book on how to run a winning new business pitch, The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. illustrate how to blow a presentation and LOSE a pitch. Sorry, but I just had to express my findings this way. The bad way. But,it is a good way to help all of […]

Inside My Book On Advertising Agency Pitching

What’s Inside My Book On Pitching? As some of you know, I am speaking at HubSpot’s Inbound 2014 conference. I am talking about how to write a B2B book in less than 6 months. Since I am not actually talking about the art of pitching for advertising agency new business that is the subject of The […]

What I Learned At Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising

First A Bit On Dancer Fitzgerald Sample I started my advertising career at Dancer Fitzgerald Sample, New York’s largest advertising agency. During my tenure, it was named Agency of the Year and had a new business pitch winning streak that hit baseball Hall of Fame numbers… .900+. The agency was also known for delivering highly […]

The Advertising Agency Pitch Playbook

The Levitan Pitch Playbook – The Tools FYI: This Advertising Agency Pitch Playbook (a pitching toolset) supports my book on advertising agency presentations and pitching…  The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches. It is the definitive ‘How To’ book on advertising agency pitching & winning. Look up to the top of this page to get a […]