You And Your Blog Posts Are Getting Older

I’ve been thinking lately about the dates on my blog posts. Like when is a blog post perceived as too old? Is there a point when y’all start to think that the posts are getting too gray?

Quick Background

I launched my advertising agency business development blog in 2013.

I now have over 650 blog posts on ad agency biz dev, agency management, presenting and pitching, how to keep clients and, for many, how to sell the agency you built.

The best read are – we are talking thousands of reads – right here:

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So, When Is Old Too Old?

The Issues & Opportunities Of Managing Past Blog Posts…

Some of my most important, as in insightful/informational/designed to help your agency, blog posts are over two years old. I wonder how much an ageing blog date impacts a visitor’s sense of relevance.

I have been thinking about writing some CSS code to only keep dates on recent posts, like let’s say posts no older than a year. And dumping the dates on older posts.

Many of my best, as in most informative, blog posts are now well down the loooong list. I can easily change the date of an individual blog post in WordPress’ Settings / General / Date Format. If I do this date-delete, I need to make sure that the post sounds ‘recent’ and does not reference something too far in the past.

This is just something I am wrestling with. It isn’t hard to fix. But, like everything when you are busy… It takes a bit of time.

Good News

This is the kind of stuff I think about so when you hire me to help grow your agency, I’ve thought this through. Good news because many of you should be thinking about getting older.

I know you want to talk to me… go ahead, go here.



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  1. billabioticahealthcom
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    I’d check and see how the post is performing. Our best posts keep delivering traffic years after they were written. We often write about digital topics, SEO, etc. Sadly, those posts generally have a half life of less than a year. Update or destroy! But great stories never go out of style.

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