Advertising Is Not Trusted

n-TRUST-FALLS-large study by the 4A’s says that you – Mr. Advertising Man and Ms. Marketing Woman (I am excluding me because I am at the 74% level – see below) – are not trusted by the public. I’m shocked. Actually, I am a bit perturbed that the ad and marketing industry couldn’t beat out Congress.

These discomfiting findings are from a new survey from the 4As called “Sex, Lies & News,” which outlines Americans’ attitudes toward advertising; how much they trust the news media; and their attitudes on sex in advertising. The survey did not specifically ask about agencies, which create the advertising the survey says is not trusted.

Only 4% of Americans think the marketing industry behaves with integrity, and nearly half of consumers surveyed say they don’t trust any news source. “Consumers are getting more astute about the news media and advertising,” said 4As Chief Marketing Officer Alison Fahey. “But we found that only a small percentage of consumers trust advertisers and the media…Americans believe that integrity is at a low and that people are lying to them.”

The “Advertising Is Not Trusted” Chart

Not too much I can add to this… But, you’ll see how much “I” love myself.

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  1. Jay Ahuja
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    One notable exception is public TV and public radio underwriting. PBS is #1 in public trust with 42% of respondents to 2014 CARAVAN ORC poll saying they have “a great deal of trust” (NPR is not far behind). Similarly, with everything else being equal, PBS viewers go out of their way to do business with organizations that support public television.

  2. Abraham
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    The purpose if advertising is to take your money. As such it is intrinsically false and completely untrustworthy.
    Do your own research and avoid anything advertised in television.

  3. Well, Abraham, that’s a bit harsh. Most advertising is designed to make us aware of products and services. Yes, some is a bit over the top. But, I think, that most ads artfully (you can take that any way you want) are designed to sell us stuff by telling us stories and delivering product information. If someone is so stupid that they buy things just because an ad told them to do that, first, well, um, huh? I guess they deserve it. I know that none of my kids drink sugared cola because of a ‘cool’ ad. I think that ads are just a part of our capitalist system.

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