Ad Agencies, Please Watch This Video On Brand Positioning

Here is the point on agency positioning I make in my white paper “The 22 Most Valuable Lessons I learned While Running An Advertising Agency“:

Create an ad agency brand positioning that differentiates your agency from your competition.

Right, you’ve heard this one before. More importantly, have a true brand positioning – it’s really a sales proposition — that actively attracts and stimulates interest from the right new clients. This is the important part:

Just trying to find yet another new way to say “digital” or “full-service” agency isn’t good enough – and it’s really difficult to find a new way to say the same old, and generally non-competitive thing.

Instead, it might be time to think through some agency of the future scenarios and new business models that will more effectively get you to that truly distinctive and compelling sales proposition.

It’s a rather important point. But, the crazy bit is that virtually every advertising agency knows this but can’t actually squeak out a truly distinctive positioning. I couldn’t make this point any better than this funny / scary video abut the agency Schlock & Ho. I seem to stumble upon once year but can’t figure out who did it. Do you know?


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