Wake Up Call: Advertising Budgets Are Moving To Mobile From The Desktop

I’ve “suggested” that advertising agencies put more focus on the growing world of mobile advertising. I understand that this is yet another media option that needs care and attention at your already busy agency. But… you have to get with it. You will soon have no choice and it could be too late for your agency if you don’t pay attention to this media shift.

Look At The Accelerating Shift Of Advertising Budgets From Desktop To Mobile

From eMarketer:

Next year, eMarketer predicts, overall spending on desktop advertising will increase by just 0.41%, while mobile ad spending will grow a further 56.00% to $14.97 billion. By 2016, spending on mobile will rival desktop spending, and in 2017 it will blow past, posting $35.62 in ad spending compared to the desktop’s $27.21 billion.

The trends are working at warp speed. What business will your agency be in in 2017?


And where within the world of mobile advertising and marketing will marketers be spending those dollars?

I’d be getting real good at video strategy and production. Which, by the way, if you are in advertising, you are already good at.


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