The World’s Best Marketing Book?

I’ve been reading Dan Zarrella for years. His latest book, “The Science of Marketing” is a hard one to put down. It totally delivers my need for geek.

Here is his LinkedIn profile:

Dan Zarrella is the award-winning social media scientist at HubSpot and author of three books: “Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness,” “The Social Media Marketing Book” and The Facebook Marketing Book.

He has a background in web development and combines his programming capabilities with a passion for social marketing to study social media behavior from a data-backed position and teach marketers scientifically grounded best practices.

Webinars in his “Science of…” series have drawn upwards of 30,000 registrants. And he holds the Guinness World Record for the largest webinar ever.

The World’s Best Marketing Book?

Is “The Science of Marketing” the best marketing book? It just could be today’s best if you’d like to run marketing programs based on analytical proof vs. assumptions.

I urge you to go out or online and buy it. The book delivers Dan’s quantitative approach to social marketing. As the subtitle says, “When to Tweet, What to Post, How to Blog, and Other Proven Strategies.” Proven being the operative word here. All of this advice is backed up by years of tracking how people use social media, email, webinars and SEO.

Its a “Just the facts” book. Given the crazy world of opinionated social media advice… This book’s findings will help you dazzle your coworkers and friends.

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