The ADD & ADHD Marketing Advantage

The ADD & ADHD Marketing Advantage

vector-of-a-cartoon-fast-businessman-on-wheels-outlined-coloring-page-by-ron-leishman-18524You are in the marketing communications business. Your brain has to move at warp speed given today’s fast-paced digital marketing options. You have to juggle one or more intense client requirements and needs. Everything is coming at you. This is OK and you really dig it. You like the variety of your challenges.

There is a decent chance that you have some form of ADD or ADHD. I’ve always thought that I (as well as my marketing colleagues) have ADD / ADHD  or, what my friend Peter Shankman calls Fast Brain. Hmmmm, I like the sound of Fast Brain.

To learn more about Peter’s take on ADD and ADHD and how this is a benefit, not a malaise, head over to his website Faster Than Normal.

download ddAnd, for a more direct take on ADD and your marketing life, read my interview with Peter on HubSpot’s marketing blog: How ADHD Gave This Tech Founder a Creative Advantage.”

Here is my conclusion:

Adapting Marketing Strategies for Distraction

I am sure that many of you digital marketers were perpetually distracted students like me. I was the type of student that was bored and whose grades never matched his potential. After all, I really didn’t want to have to take biology to fulfill my college science prerequisites.

Fortunately, I managed to find my way to art college and eventually to a long career in advertising and digital marketing — the perfect industry for fast brains.

Shankman thinks that 40% of the population has some degree of ADHD. If this is so (and I agree), then we should consider how to bake this important consumer insight into our marketing strategies.

Of course, this isn’t groundbreaking news. We are well aware of the effect of device distraction and content marketing overload. However, I seldom see marketing communications professionals sit their clients down and tell them that they really only have nano-seconds to deliver a sales proposition. I am talking about the critical importance of having an ‘unignorable’ sales proposition — not just an ad tech solution.

So, go forth and Fast Brain your day.


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