Pinterest Advertising Agency Directory: Help Please

I Need Your Help: Should I Continue Updating The Advertising Agency Directory?

pinterestA couple of years ago I created a Pinterest directory site that lists advertising agencies – the ones I could find. I did it as a way for prospective advertisers to easily locate and compare agencies and as a thought-leadership-oriented-business-development-lead-generator for my consulting business.

As you can see, the directory organizes agencies by city (primarily major cities) and uses a screen grab of the agency homepage and a brief description to help visitors see the range of agencies in each town.

FYI for you thought leaders worried about the time required to thought lead: this directory was very low-cost endeavor as I had an assistant in the Philippines build it using my template and instructions.

The Help Me Please Part…

Today the Pinterest advertising agency directory has well over 1,000 Followers and I get some incoming every month from agencies that would like to be listed or have their information revised. I am going to keep the directory up – why not. However, I am just not sure if I want to maintain it beyond adding agencies that request a listing. I am not sure of its value for the ad industry – as in agencies and clients seeking an agency.

OK, one clear value for you agencies. This is a great way to study your competition in just one place. Agencies change / revise their websites every couple of years. The directory provides  some great ideas worth, um, contemplating.

My questions to you.

You can answer by adding a comment below or by emailing me at Thanks.

Do you think that this advertising agency directory via Pinterest is valuable to advertisers and you?

Were you aware of it?

Any other thoughts? Things that I could do to enhance the advertisier experience?

By the way: If you are not listed, would you like to be?

That’s it. Thanks for your help.




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