Is Your Advertising Agency Positioning “Normcore?”

images normcoreThe June ’14 issue of WIRED reports that “normcore” is a jargon word to watch. Normcore is so vanilla that it reminds me of at least 50% of the advertising agencies. That’s all agencies. Here is WIRED’s definition.

Averageness as a personal style. The apotheosis of anti-fashion, being normcore entails blending in – wearing a baseball cap to the ballpark and a velvet suit to the disco – and always acting like you’re totally into whatever you happen to be doing.

Yo, Is Your Agency Normcore?

How are agencies normcore?

They sound alike. See my long post on advertising agency positioning.

They say the same things: consumer conversations; media agnostic (yes, some still say this); full-service; we are problem solvers; we are creative; we are nimble; we came from large agencies… and on.

They even like to have photos of their reception area on their website.

They serve beer from real-life kegs on Fridays.

I’ll help you free your agency from being normcore. I do it every day for agencies that know that the only way they will succeeded is to be abnormal-core.

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