How To Outsource Linkedin Business Development

Is It Time To Outsource Your Advertising Agency’s LinkedIn Marketing?

Advertising agencies often ask me if I can help them outsource their business development operations. This happens with such frequency that I thought I’d occasionally point to a quality third-party resource. Here is a company that can help you outsource your Linkedin marketing.

Lead Cookie & Linkedin Leads

I recently spoke with Isaac Marsh of Lead Cookie which bills itself on its website as…

Lead Cookie is a done-for-you LinkedIn Lead Generation service. We manage your profile for you and help you generate leads on LinkedIn.

We manage your Linkedin profile and start warm conversations between you and your ideal customers.

On average our customers book 3-8 qualified calls per month as a result of our service.

Simply put, Lead Cookie provides an outreach service that can manage your advertising agency’s LinkedIn marketing program. The service is designed to make new-targeted contacts for your agency that result in quality leads.

How It Works

A Lead Cookie strategist works with you to hone your positioning and messaging and helps you create customized messaging.

Lead Cookie manages your LinkedIn profile and sends out connection requests to your targeted prospective clients.

They manage the connection, make an intelligent introduction and ask to connect. This leads to asking for a meeting, and if necessary, will create a drip sales sequence to keep the conversation moving along.

Goal: hand off the connection, the new business lead, to the advertising agency.

For a more detailed explanation of Lead Cookie’s system, head over to its founder’s how-to market B2B business on Linkedin guide.

I recommend that you also explore Lead Cookie’s resources page (you will get much smarter about how to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool even before you give Lead Cookie a call).

If you are wondering if I have a business relationship with Lead Cookie, I do not. But, I have a goal of helping agencies grow and find ways to manage the hard task of 24/7 business development.

Why Do This? Sorry, Your Advertising Agency Will Get Fired.

Many advertising agencies tell me that they are too busy to run a 24/7 business development program. Excuses include:

We are too busy with current clients

We really do not have a plan;

We are poor at execution

We just let our biz dev director go

It is very difficult to keep up with the ongoing changes in social media platforms

Sorry guys, there is absolutely no good reason, or excuse, for not to running an active business development program.

I wrote about the need for business development in this article: Your Advertising Agency Will get Fired.

Simply put, clients will walk out the back door. You need new ones to continuously run in the front door.

Outsourcing some of your biz dev work to a quality provider makes sense.

Find the right resource and give it a go. Why not start here: outsource Linkedin marketing.

Here Is A Self-Serving Message:

Speaking of outsourcing. Give me a shout and we can discuss your agency’s business development program. I’ll give you a smart idea in 15 minutes. I have worked with over one hundred agencies to help them grow and prosper and smile. Take me up on my Vito Corleone offer.





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