Google Said Don’t Promote @adweak To Advertising Agencies

theeditor_400x400Oh Google man. It must be nice to be a monopoly. Ja?

First it was metadata, then keywords, then backlinks… Now you are telling us not to have short posts on our website / blog / world of content. As you say, being brief (less than 1,000 words) isn’t very authoritative. Short isn’t what true experts do if they want to: be content honey / SEO smart / category experts / lovers of the algorithm.

Really? Please, oh Google engineers, get it together.

So, here is an un-authoritative short post… if you are an advertising agency I want you to Follow:

@adweak on Twitter.

Just do it. The truth is well spoken on this rather funny Twitter account. Need some examples:

BREAKING: Facebook’s New Algorithm Places Higher Value on Posts That Make the Company Money Over Anything Your Friends Have to Say.

BREAKING: Agency’s Trademarked Term “Engageovation” Met With Blank Stares From Client.

BREAKING: Veteran Art Director Attempts To Resurrect Career By Re-Laying Out Old Print Ads As Digital Ad Units.

OLD FAVORITE: Agency That Claims to be Experts in Social Media Has Difficulty Explaining Why They Only Have 74 Twitter Followers.

BREAKING: Agency Pretends to Give a Fuck About Client’s Kid’s Soccer Tournament Last Weekend Prior to Creative Presentation.

@adweak will make you wonder WHY you didn’t get a computer science degree so you can tell people why funny / smart / insightful but short posts are not relevant.

After you’ve laughed, go buy my book and win more pitches so you can send your kids to Stanford and then Google and then they will buy you a house.

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