Five New Advertising Agency Marketing Resources

five new advertising agency marketing resourcesHi. Thanks for visiting. Here are five new advertising agency marketing resources. I think that they are all well designed for today’s marketing environment. I mean, today’s difficult and crazy marketing environment.

First, About You. And, Time To Pivot.

I’ve been thinking hard about the ‘what and how’ of B2B marketing in the time of the Coronavirus – how is that for a DUH? Why?… because I think that a good portion of the marketing and advertising agency industry is in deep navel-gazing mode. In particular, I’m talking about advertising and marketing communications agencies that are a bit stuck when it comes to their own marketing. Phase 1.0 was freakout and cost reduction. Phase 2.0 seems to be the frozen era (OK, not for all. But, I talk to a lot of agencies and this is what I am hearing). Now, Phase 2.5 offers the question: what are we gonna do to grow? 

Clearly, the marketing world is working on thinking through (in descending order): How? to even survive what could be a looong journey; What? might market/client segments should a communication agency’s B2B marketing address/attack (intelligently); and What? form should the agency’s in and outbound marketing even look like? Doing a bit of pivoting is in order. Scenario planning and being proactive is in order.

About Me Being Like You.

Hey, I’m thinking about the same stuff. After all, my client base is primarily comprised of advertising, PR and digital agencies. If this group is frozen, I have to figure out how to market to it. Somedays, I even wonder if y’all will want to market hard again. Me? I dig marketing in a downturn. It makes me sharper.

Sharper? Here are some of the marketing resources that I’m looking at or about to use. I’ll keep you posted on what I eventually employ and how. In the meantime, here you go. I will be adding them to my master Resources list – check it out.

Five New Advertising Agency Marketing Resources. All Designed To Help Your Agency Grow.

Listen Notes. “The most comprehensive podcast database online. Discover the best podcasts. Search podcast show notes and audio transcripts by people, places, or topics.” One way to leverage this search engine is to see if there are any podcasts that might want to interview you re your expertise.

Anchor. “Anchor is an all-in-one platform where you can createdistribute, and monetize your podcast from any device, for free.” Yup, a free, podcasting development tool. Worth a look-see if you want to be like Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway.

Artlist. Great name and URL, right? Royalty-free music for your videos and podcasts.

NinjaOutreach. “Create effective influencer marketing campaigns by filtering through millions of influencers insights to find the one that captures your target audience’s attention.”

Famebit. From YouTube itself… “The Leading Marketplace for Influencers. Powered by data, we built the best in class tools to connect brands with the right creators, enabling branded content that reaches the right audience and inspires action.”

LOL. Want Two More?

I have two more very interesting advertising B2B tools. But, I am saving them just for me. When I use them, I’ll let you know and i’ll add them to the next email about resources. Or, if you are interested, and in the hurry you should be in, give me a shout. 

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