Does Your Advertising Agency Blog Kick Ass?

Advertising Agency Blog Objectives & Strategies

This is how Google displayed my website to the world via a search on “advertising agency new business” – a perfect search phrase for my advertising agency consultancy. This makes me happy and is a direct result of my meeting the business objectives of my blog. My objectives are clear – get traffic for my keywords, present myself as an advertising industry thought leader and drive leads. I’ve achieved this via over 650 dedicated, focused blog posts. Does your advertising agency blog meet Its objectives?

Your Advertising Agency Blog

Here are what I consider the leading objectives and strategies for an advertising agency blog. I know that if you follow these best practices that your blog’s traffic will grow exponentially.

To get started, know that: according to Hubspot, business blogging leads to an average of 55% more website visitors. I think that this is light – you will do better. Blogs are worth it – if managed.

The 7 Most Important Blog Objectives

Core Objectives – this is the blueprint:

  1. Drive Google love.
  2. Grow website traffic.
  3. Support your agency’s brand identity and credibility.
  4. Look and sound like an industry leader. A thought leader.
  5. Build an email list.
  6. Attract the best talent.
  7. Attract media attention.
  8. Build a blog that drives leads.

13 Blog Strategies

Core strategies – this is the roadmap:

  1. Have a very clear target audience in mind. Make sure you are benefit-oriented. This will support your agency positioning and business goals.
  2. Write like a single subject matter specialist/expert to get Google’s attention. I only write about advertising agency business development.
  3. Choose and leverage keywords and search terms that support your traffic mission.
  4. Avoid me-too blog subjects. Think differently from other agencies. Read a bunch.
  5. Develop a brand voice. Be cheeky if you want. Actually, why not? You want people to read you, right?
  6. Write both long (1,000-plus word posts) and short punchy, easy to read ideas.
  7. Be efficient. I use text interviews as a method to build long blog posts. I record via audio and then have the audio transcribed by
  8. Have a content calendar with scheduled assignments. This is especially important if more than one person writes for the blog.
  9. Be consistent and treat the blog like you would a client project. Your agency’s business development program has to be one of your most important “clients”.
  10. Promote the blog to your email list, via other social media (amplify!) and direct outreach to your master client prospect list. Blog posts can be turned into white papers and vice versa.
  11. Use your website and Google stats to track and refine the blog. Stop every 4 months and assess.
  12. Stay on top of Google’s latest search criteria.
  13. Make your blog a priority to succeed. Agency management has to support the blog and its objectives.

A Pain

Blogs can be a pain in the butt. They require continuous care and feeding.

My only do not: Do not run an empty blog. If I go to your blog and the last post is from 2016 — fuhgetaboutit!


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