Do You Like Flying?

Do You Like Flying? Willing To Pay For Less Pain?

Wu-Airlines-Suffer-690Why Airlines Want To make You Suffer” is a ‘sweet’ article from the New Yorker on how your airline works hard to make you uncomfortable so you buy the longer leg room seat and check your bags. Extra fees rock.

But the fee model comes with systematic costs that are not immediately obvious. Here’s the thing: in order for fees to work, there needs be something worth paying to avoid. That necessitates, at some level, a strategy that can be described as “calculated misery.” Basic service, without fees, must be sufficiently degraded in order to make people want to pay to escape it. And that’s where the suffering begins.

Is this why marketers are ranked just ahead of Congress by American consumers?

So, What Pain Can Advertising Agencies Build Into Thier Service To Get More Bucks?

Hmmm…. grade your AE’s, ECD’s, responsiveness, efficient media buying and charge more for the best? Or, charge on a sliding scale for your Big Strategic and Creative Ideas? More for Tweets based on reTweets? More for more Likes? What other types of pain can you deliver to have clients pay to get better services?

Just trying to learn from United.

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