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Half of Advertising Agency Staff Hates Pitching

An Advertising Agency Staff That Hates Pitching Isn’t A Good Thing A 2013 study by the research firm Provoke Insights confirmed what we all know. The advertising agency new business pitching process can be debilitating. From Provoke: “… approximately half (47%) of advertising professionals surveyed by Provoke Insights say they are dissatisfied with the current internal […]

Droga, Esquire And An Advertising Industry Take-Down

Its my guess that the profession of “advertising” is slightly more loved by Americans than “Congress.” It is therefore fascinating that David Droga, an advertising industry superstar (according to the people that make these pronouncements), has chosen to use his access to Esquire Magazine’s Best and Brightest series to tell the other people in his […]

The Advertising Agency Model, New Business, Pitches and CMO’s

Once again some great data on what CMO’s think about advertising agencies and the pitch process from pitch consultant Avi Dan. Head over to Forbes to see the article, “What are 10 great ad agencies of 2013 according to CMO’s?” Avi conducted an online survey in November, 2013 with 1,850 CMO’s to determine their ranking […]

Gen X, Millennials And Gen Y: Will They Work In Advertising?

“Are Advertising Agencies Cool Enough For Millennials?”  is a Talent Zoo interview I just did with with Michael Donahue of the 4A’s. The interview discusses the millennial generation and how advertising agencies are going about wooing and keeping this younger generation of Mad Men. The interview got me thinking about the definition of Millennials, Gen X […]

Banksy Rocks Twitter: Effortlessly

The artist known as Banksy — @banksyNY —  just might have the coolest ratio of Tweets to Following to Followers in Twitter HISTORY. He’s gotta be laughing. Check out Banksy’s numbers… Only 22 Tweets. Like Tweet only when you have something incredibly vuuaable to say.           Only (like really only) 1 […]