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Advertising Agency Outsourcing: An Opportunity and… New Competition

I wrote this post about advertising agency outsourcing seven years ago. I am resurrecting it for a couple of reasons. First, the use of outsourced freelance talent, as in not full-time employees (FTE), is a solid part of running a 2020 agency in a world of business uncertainty: Will I win that new client? Will […]

Client Thoughts On The Advertising Agency RFP Process

The Advertising Agency Client RFP – Go Or No Go As an agency owner and business development director at Saatchi, I received many RFP’s — Request For Proposals. The reaction to receiving an RFP ranged from delight (YES, a big brand and client is interested in us) to dismay (a brand is asking us to […]

How Clients Find An Advertising Agency

How Do Clients Find Their Next Advertising Agency? One of the more challenging questions I ask my advertising agency business development clients is, “How do your prospective advertising, design, digital or PR clients find your advertising agency?” In most cases, the number one answer is referrals or WOM. Of course, of course, this is a […]

Getting Advertising Agency Sales Pitch Attention Via Hello Sir

How Your Advertising Agency’s Sales Pitch Is Like An Indian Shopkeeper I was in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and Delhi and Mumbai for the month of January. As a tourist, my attention was desired by many shop keepers, solo tour guides and taxi drivers. The usual sales pitch come-on, the way […]

The Big Advertising Agency Resource List

Advertising Agency Resource List – Updated Often #1. An Advertising Agency Survival Guide Speaking of resources… Here is a comprehensive guide that will help your agency become a winner in today’s market – The Advertising Agency Survival Guide. #2. Onward. I want the marketing communications world to be a better place. Therefore, this advertising agency […]