Agency Search Consultant Trends dictions and Recommendations for Agencies.pdfThe scary Barbie and Ken slide on the left is a visual from the webinar “Agency Search Consultant Trends, Predictions and Recommendations for Agencies” hosted by Dave Currie, CMO of The List Inc. with Russel Wholwerth and Gerry Preece of The External View Consulting Group.

The image acts as a visualization of the high number of advertising agency options that clients are confronted with when they search for an ad agency. Breaking out from the thousands of other agencies is critical to your agency’s growth. Watch this webinar if you want to break out from the pack.

The webinar covers the search process in great detail and I can guarantee that every agency executive from large to small agencies will learn how to improve their agency’s new business batting average.

I recently interviewed Russel and Gerry for my book on pitching and can find no better, highly practical expert insights on the agency search process and how agencies can run smarter pitches. Many thanks to The List Inc. for posting this webinar. I highly recommend The List Inc.’s database and information services for agency new business. I used it when I owned my agency and now recommend it to all of my agency clients.

A quick piece of advice: make sure that your agency is listed in The List Inc. and External View databases. Invisible, wall-flower agencies don’t get asked to the dance.

You can see a full set of the slides on this page of  The List Inc. website.


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