Does You Agency Ask For The Order?

I had an advertising exec friend read the manuscript of my new book on pitching* — its still being edited. She mentioned that I should add that advertising agencies should ASK for the deal when they are closing their presentation.

Ask For The Order

You know, ask for the order. I know that most agencies do not. Interesting, right?

Think about it… they responded to an RFI / then an RFP and then worked their tail off creating a super fine presentation. They delivered their best, smiled and walked out of the room without asking for the account. Most of the time, an agency thinks that their effort alone is serious proof that they want the business. Well, they are right. Any savvy client would realize that the agency is serious.

But, why not add a bit of passion to the end and politely ask for the the account? Or, as Zig Ziglar, one of the leading sales gurus says… A.A.F.T.O. Always ask for the order.

Need more sales inspiration? Here is a SlideShare presentation  by Viru Nigam, an MBA student that I bet has spent more time on Ziglar’s sales techniques than most of us smart, cool agency folk. Take a look. Oh, slide 9 is all A.A.F.T.O.


*Oh, my book’s title:

The Levitan Pitch. Buy This Book. Win More Pitches.

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