An “Advertising” Cure For CPG’s Ills

An “Advertising” Cure For CPG’s Ills

images tideImagine creating a new marketing company that directly goes after a huge industry’s Pain Points. I mean, directly.

I just read, “2 Saatchi Alums Vow To ‘Clean Up’ CPG” in MediaPost. These ex-Saatchi guys vow to help clean up CPG’s big needs per the article …

“As the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry continues to experience sharp declines in sales, two former Saatchi & Saatchi senior global executives, Vaughan Emsley and Cliff Francis, are launching Clean Up On Aisle 7, a new consulting firm to help CPG brands be more effective, responsive and agile in today’s changing landscape.”

Why Is The Idea Of This New “Consulting Agency” So Smart?

5 Big Reasons.

  1. CPG is in bad shape. Overall purchases of consumer-packaged goods in the U.S. declined 2.5% in unit terms in the first quarter, according to Nielsen.
  2. Volatility sucks. There are “probably more sources of volatility today than at any other time in history,” P&G Chief Financial Officer Jon Moeller said Wednesday in a call with reporters.
  3. CPG companies have been rather slow to adapt to the new world of digital marketing and consumer shifts. They need some speed.
  4. Clean Up On Aisle 7 (a cute name but a bit lengthy) aims to go directly at these major client pain points.
  5. Clean Up On Aisle 7’s management has the history and ecperience to deliver smart thinking. “Previously, Emsley served as the global client leader for all Publicis Groupe agencies working on P&G brands, while Francis worked as the former worldwide creative director for P&G brands at Saatchi & Saatchi.”

OK, One More Smart Point – For Your Agency.

Clean Up (a shorter version as I am sure they will be known) stands out from the huge pack of advertising agencies and consultants that do not have a well-defined positioning, a bold reason for being and a hard to ignore sales proposition.

A new company dedicated to curing the ills of CPG meets a clear need and… stands out.

They are unignorable.







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