How To Study Your Competitive Advertising Agencies

3 Competitive Advertising Agency Growth And Business Development Tools

This post provides a brief look at 3 tools for you to study your competitive advertising agencies. And, they are excellent insight drivers to use for your new client business development program. Want to prove to prospects that they need you? Use these tools to deliver insights and to make your point.

In order to be truly competitive, you need to know what your competitive agencies are doing online, how well they are doing and what wonderful and effective marketing and content plays they are using to drive their awareness and new client interest.

Good news, many of these analytics can be used for free – up to a point. Neil’s tools are free. SEMrush and SimilarWeb will start you out for free and then change for enhanced analytics.

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Neil Patel’s UberSuggest, Traffic Analyzer, and SEO Analyzer and SEO Analyzer

Neil Patel’s free UberSuggest, Traffic Analyzer, and SEO Analyzer tools generate free website analysis reports that include top keywords and pages and suggested revisions to improve website health. Use it for your advertising agency website and then compare it to your competition. By the way, note how Neil uses these tools to drive his own traffic and love. IP is cool people.

Here is a quick look at an analysis of the digital award winning agency The Many’s Site Audit.


Need some more online visibility? SEMrush is a longstanding winner in the analytics arena. Their online research tools deliver insights into traffic analytics; organic and advertising research; backlinks and keyword research.

Take a look at New York’s Oberland, another hot agency. I bet your agency would be happy with 19,300 visits last May 2019.


SimilarWeb delivers insightful website metrics. Depending on what version you use, you can compare up to five websites at a time. Insights include website rank, traffic estimates, engagement, referring sites and search traffic.

Here is a look comparing The Many to Oberland to Phenomenon. Interestingly, or not, given agency similarities, The Many and Phenomenon look a bit neck and neck in respect to total visits and rank.

One metric I dig is a deep look at referrals. Interesting to see that The Many kicks ass on Clutch and The Manifest.

By The Way, Is Your Agency Missing?

There are three primary  ways that your advertising agency will get found:

  1. Referrals from clients, friends, and family. you can actually manage this. No reason to be passive.
  2. Outbound marketing aka Account-based marketing. Please be good at this. Talk to me – it is called sales.
  3. Search. As in you get found via Google (you are an SEO master) or you appear on advertising agency website directories like AgencyFinder and Clutch.

I recently wrote about getting your agency website found.



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