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Should Your Advertising Agency Blog?

The Advertising Agency Blog? Worth The Effort? You know all about blogging so I won’t go down the pedantic click-bait road of using a headline like: “24 Unbelievable Reasons That Your Advertising Agency Should Blog”. But, do you actually know if your advertising agency should blog? Here are the pros and cons and a path […]

Lovely LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn Statistics I Love I received well over 2,000 referrals to this website from LinkedIn last year. I like that. I work it so it happens. In addition, hundreds of people in my network and in related fields have read my LinkedIn posts. Virtually all of my advertising agency clients come in as a result […]

Blogging + Interpersonal Chemistry Drives Ad Agency New Business

This is my 400th blog post. Why 400? I Am Driving Interpersonal Chemistry. First of all, I enjoy writing. I started this blog when I published my first book, “Boomercide: From Woodstock To Suicide”. The blog also supports the marketing of my agency consultation business and my second book, “The Levitan Pitch. Buy This book. […]

11 Must Have Ad Agency Business Development Tools

11 Must Have Ad Agency Business Development Tools Consistency, actually the lack of it, is one of the most pressing issues that reduces the effectiveness of most advertising agency new business programs. So… Here are some ad agency business development tools that I recommend to keep your agency’s new business and content development program on track. (Tweet this.) […]

Social Media Insights For Advertising Agency New Business

Insight: Your B2B New Business Prospects Know You (Well) There are very few first dates these days when it comes to B2B marketing and advertising agency new business. Your clients are finding you on your website and social media, especially LinkedIn, where they are perusing your profile. And, they are making buying decisions without you ever knowing […]