Zillow Advertising: Nice New TV Commercial. But, Why Leave Seattle?

zillow3dI am starting to think about selling my house so I’m paying attention to real estate advertising. This new TV spot from Zillow hit the spot. The :60 commercial stars a family looking at homes while living in different cites. Or is dad just traveling?  You’ll have to see the surprise (rather) emotional ending to find out.

The commercial was done by Deutsch L.A. (a nice advertising agency.) But, since Zillow is in Seattle…. why did they have to take their business out of town? I could have helped them find at least 5 very sharp agencies in Seattle. They live here.

I’d love to ask Amy Bohutinsky, Zillow’s chief marketing officer, the Seattle question. Did she explore the Seattle ad agency market? Did Seattle advertising agencies not reach out – she’s been at Zillow for 7 years? Did she need a trip to L.A.? I know a few sensitive ad folks up north who could have delivered some sharp advertising — and a decent bottle of wine. When I owned my Portland agency it always killed me when a local client took their business out of town.

Oh well, never mind – at least it’s well-branded advertising that tells a sweet story.  Here is a smart quote from Amy about the ad strategy:

“The process of shopping for a home today is emotional, absorbing, collaborative, and driven by technology and online information. Our ‘Find Your Way Home’ campaign chronicles modern families in ways that most home shoppers can relate — as they search for not just a home, but a place for their life to happen.”

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  1. Hi Peter – it’s Amy @ Zillow. I’m glad you like the spot! We took our first foray into TV advertising quite seriously and for what it’s worth – spoke with 4 Seattle agencies in exploring the right partner. Ultimately DeutschLA was the right partner for us.
    Thanks for profiling the spot.

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