The World’s Fastest Agency: Advertising Agency Of The Week

Either bull shit or brilliant. We’ll see. But, what it is… is…. f*cking smart. In our world of ad and digital agency sameness, same agency services, pitch, cute names, social media “expertise”, we now have the World’s Fastest Agency. An “idea” agency with a differentiated brand proposition — and edge. How refreshing.

The drill: Deliver services in our world of instant marketing by building a network of creatives that delivers rapid turnaround marketing. Rapid? You remember the Oreo Super Bowl real-time marketing event. Rapid as in virtually instant. Here is what the World’s Fastest Agency says about themselves in a press release:

World’s Fastest Agency is a new kind of marketing and communications agency.

From briefing to a creative solution within 24 hours, WFA helps time-pressured clients keep pace with the lightning fast 24/7 global media and social culture.

Clients can say goodbye to 100-page PowerPoint decks, meetings, weeks of fee negotiation, countless emails, more meetings, lunch, meetings, scope of work to-ing and fro-ing, meetings, more emails, Q&A sessions, tissue meetings, inaudible conference call, pitch, feedback, feedback on the feedback, re-briefing, re-pitching, another meeting, more feedback, focus groups, another meeting, more emails….

And on their website they offer this compelling promise:

WFA helps time-pressured clients keep pace with the lightening fast 24/7 global media and social culture.

Here is the process and, yes folks, pricing.

Note that they are inexpensive at $999 and fast. Two of those three things that clients want. The other? Great work. My bet is that guys are smart enough to be able to deliver all three. The Holy Grail!

Welcome to the World s Fastest Agency






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