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Buy My Book On Ad Agency New Business

From The Land Of Self Promotion: Buy My Book On The Art And Science of Ad Agency New Business And Change Your Agency’s Future. Imagine spending only $12 bucks on Amazon for the paperback and even less for the digital version to buy a book that will dramatically change how you and your ad agency team creates […]

Will You Be One Of America’s New Authors? One of 200 Million.

I am busy publishing my book as an eBook in Amazon’s KDP program and as a print-on-demand paperback using its CreateSpace platform. Down to the final details. As part of the launch, I have written a 5,000 word white paper on my publishing process to help other fledgling authors give birth to their first book. […]

How I Wrote And Published My First Book In Three Months: Length

I am not a writer. Well, I was (I have been writing business related documents and white papers for years) and wasn’t (as in an eBook or “real” book writer) until I committed to writing a book (actually at least two non-fiction books per year.) Back to not being a writer. One of the issues […]

Talking As An Ad Agency Business Development Tool

I talk to people. I talk to the people in line at the store. At the next table. Sometimes waiting for a light. On the plane. I get three basic reactions: People ignore me and/or look at me like I am crazy. We do a bit of banter. I stumble on a career builder / […]

How I Wrote And Published My First Book In Three Months: “Why”

Decide Why You Are Writing Your Book. If it’s to get rich, you better look elsewhere. Sure, you might become the next Tim Ferris. But, it ain’t that easy.  Bowker, the company that issues ISBN numbers, more on this later, estimates that they will issue 15,000,000 ISBN numbers for individual books in 2012. Your odds? […]