Social “Media” Still Means Face To Face

f t fI know, I know, it seems really crazy but it appears that people in Europe actually ask each other in PERSON (as in that old-fashioned face to face style social “media”) about products and services. According to eMarketer, reporting on research by YouGov:

Despite social media forming a staple of much of UK consumers’ digital life, it will not feature as a significant influencer this Christmas according to research by YouGove for The Drum suggesting that only a tiny share of internet users would turn to social media for gift suggestions. 83% of internet users would not turn to social media for gift suggestions.

The UK’s social networking population is the second-largest in Europe after Germany with even higher penetration. Overall, just 83% of internet users said they would use social media for Christmas gift recommendations, however.

Now, if I was an advertising agency with a retail client, I might be elated to tell them that 11% of UK 18-24 year-olds now use social media for recommendations and that we better dial up our social activity. However… 0ver 18% of this age group group are unemployed.


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